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Landlord Rescue

Troublesome Tenant, Need Help?

If you are stuck with a tenant that is starting to cause you unwanted headaches for any reason we can help. Is your tenant late on rent? Has unauthorized pets or occupants? Causing damage to the property? Whatever the reason may be that you are struggling with your current tenant our Landlord Rescue Program will provide you with the help and resources you need to move forward.

Dover Management Company has the knowledge and expertise to get you through the eviction process quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

We’re Here to Help

Our team has several ways to help you remove the trouble from the tenant. From reviewing and updating leases, providing notices, to filing evictions. Sometimes it is hard admitting that you need help. Every day that you let the troubled tenant stay in your home, the more costly the damage may be. We will assess whether a tenant’s actions can be corrected. If not, we will work diligently to get them out quickly. From there we will work hand in hand with you to decide the best way to get the home restored to rent-ready condition, efficiently, and effectively. As soon as the home is ready we will market the home round the clock and find you a thoroughly qualified tenant.

Headache Free

The best part of our program is the peace of mind. We remove the unwanted stress and burden of tenant management, allowing you to sleep better at night stress free. The moment you hand over your troublesome tenant to our team you will free a great sense of relief.

Call Today!

The cost for our services is a flat fee of $500. This includes all paperwork filling with the court. The peace of mind is free!

Contact us today at 402-371-0203 and let Dover Management Company manage your property.
We look forward to working with you!