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Decorating for Semi Temporary Living

How to best decorate your apartment with today’s trends


Know your space


      Make sure that your furniture matches the size of your aImage result for sitting in tiny apartmentpartment or house. There’s nothing worse than living in a space with no room for living because your furniture has taken over!


Measure the spaces where you think you’d like to decorate with your favorite pieces to make sure they fit in the space.




Consider Alternatives to nails


Nail holes can cause damage to walls that leads to less of your security deposit coming back to you. There are many alternatives to nails that you can pick up at your local hardware stores or even major retailers you go to every day! Image result for command strips

     Be certain that when you decide what to use when hanging pictures or shelving units that you use the appropriate weight limit for your hangers; if for example, you use a hanger that can’t handle the weight of your photo you can potentially damage the wall and your picture.

There’s many alternatives to nails so don’t be afraid to get creative on what you’re using!





Use Color Where you can


     Although your lease does not allow for painting walls, there are so many optioImage result for colorful throw pillows couchns that you can still add your personal color preferences to your new space! Throw pillows, lamp shades, area rugs, wall art, furniture, and plants are just some of the many ways that you can personalize your new space with a semi-permanent idea in mind! Get creative with your decorating ideas to bring your personality out in your space.











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